FloTron X - reactive gas control and plasma monitoring system

The FloTron™ is a high-speed active feedback process monitoring and control system designed for real time, in-situ control of reactive sputtering, ion & plasma processing and reactive EB evaporation processes. The FloTron is a complete, compact, flexible, convenient to use and economical solution, which can be readily integrated into new as well as existing processes. FloTron™ uses proprietary fast control algorithms that most control engineers will be familiar with, thus eliminating or reducing significantly the learning curve.

Equally at home in production systems or R&D tools, the FloTron™ can bring about dramatic improvements in process stability, repeatability, yield and product quality. The FloTron™ has no moving parts; and interfaces to PCs, HMIs and PLCs through Ethernet, RS485 and PROFIBUS (optional; or almost any other Fieldbus interface) and will accept a wide range of sensor inputs including analog (0 to 10 VDC) and optical (photomultiplier output) signals. The proprietary control software is designed to be intuitive in use and makes extensive use of clear, easily understood graphics and process menus.

FloTron™ X - an extended range (200 - 1040 nm) fast spectrometer-based multiple channel process control system for technological plasma-based processes, such as reactive magnetron sputtering. FloTron™ X systems were designed to provide enhanced sensitivity and they therefore surpass others at providing reliable signals for even the small cathodes (e.g. 3" circular). FloTron™ X systems do not lack speed, can be configured for single or multiple (2 to 5) zone large area processing, and are therefore excellent for both R&D and manufacturing.